Nurture the Heart

Nurture the Heart - A Personal Change Program

Come join us in this journey of healing the past and illuminating your authentic self. 

We live in a changing world unlike any previous generation and need tools to help us navigate that path.  We have opportunities and challenges unlike anything before this time.  

So where are the tools that will help us both release the negative past that diverts and disables us, and that enables us to reveal our unique self to the world? 

This is the inner path.  What is inside us is reflected in our outer experience.

This program offers a unique opportunity to turn inwards in a supported environment, to; 

  • build your capacity to reflect and learn
  • bring self-awareness to the moment
  • release dysfunctional beliefs & triggers
  • uncover your authentic self & unique path

I have been on a journey of healing a painful past of trauma and emotional neglect, and I learned many techniques and processes to release that past. 
My self-published book “Heal Your Life Workbook”  distils that learning into a robust reflective practice that enables you to navigate your inner journey, release it and continue to ‘handle’ what life throws at you with greater ease. 

This program is based on the three tools that helped me heal.

Now is the time, these are the tools and here is the process. 

  • Specific Program Objectives:
  • Learn a process that will support your life tuned into the inner authentic self
  • Build a strong sense of self & confidence in your unique path
  • Learn tools of reflection for strong personal & professional effectiveness
  • Lifelong resources for your self

A 6 week program 2-3 hours per week $65 per evening or $345 for 6 week program.  

Information sessions listed on Facebook page “Heal Your Life Training & Resources”

Bookings Contact Sharon on Email Link  or 0411781 420