Sharon Whitewood

Sharon holds a BA, Masters in Rehab Counselling and is a highly skilled trainer and facilitator with decades of experience in personal growth, corporate training & change management for teams, managers and individuals / professionals. 

So in offering individual and group sessions it is all about:

  • you
  • what you bring to the table
  • how you want to be more effective

Counselling/Coaching – Emotional/Mental Health

As a trained counsellor with extensive experience working with the Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neurolinguistic programming and experiential training Sharon is a collaborative and supportive coach and counsellor. Sharon wrote and self-published a self-help workbook in 2014 and now brings those tools and practices to individuals ready for real improvements.   
After learning these tools/processes and practicing them for her own healing  she wanted to make them available to others.  A self-help practice that leads to greater self-awareness and progress in resolving the causes of anxiety and depression. Many of Sharon’s clients have struggled to gain real progress with standard counselling and psychotherapy.  She uses a robust ‘inner work’ process that harnesses key tools for deepening your awareness and clearing the underlying triggers for your distress.

Some examples of issues she has helped clients resolve include:

  • fears & phobias
  • severe social anxiety
  • depression
  • sense of powerlessness in relationships
  • bullying trauma
  • family patterns
  • negative self-talk
  • sexual abuse
  • poor parenting
  • suicidal thoughts/action & self-harming behaviour

Many people have used the workbook to resolve their emotional baggage, others have participated in her workshops, and now she offers

  • Counselling Sessions
  • Small Group Workshop Program
  • Nurture the Heart Program