I have written this workbook for a simple reason. I want others to have access to these wonderful resources so they can do their own inner work to heal their hearts and live life to the fullest.

Many people don’t have access to counselling support due to remote location, costs and/or painful histories with the ‘helping’ professions. Many will have the capacity to manage their own development and practice, and so can use these tools to develop their self-awareness, capacity to learn and release painful experiences.

This workbook is also for people who want to work independently, and experience the sense of achievement in personal growth and emotional healing. Too many of us have lost confidence in our own knowing, and become dependent on professionals’ interpretation. Depending on your own capacity and confidence, you may find it beneficial to develop a professional relationship to support your inner work, while continuing to use these skills and ideas by yourself.

True healing requires discipline and commitment either way.

These are resources and exercises that support your ongoing self-discovery and self-healing. Ultimately we must heal ourselves from the inside out; others may help, support and guide us but for true healing to occur we must take responsibility for our own emotions, bodies and minds. If we do not heal from within, any physical or emotional improvements will most likely be temporary. Others may give us nutritional supplements or drugs, massage or Reiki treatments or help us work through the pain of the past. Only we can use discipline to practice a life that is healing and integrated of our minds and being. 

Deep changes happen, when we open ourselves and let go.

We are responsible. We choose or not. It is a journey of healing, growth and self-realisation. No one else can live it for you or tell you how to live it. There is no owner’s manual for operating this being that is you. We live in a time of human history when there are more choices than ever before. Our parents and their parents did not have the choices we have today and may have become stuck in predictable patterns of living. We do have those choices when we seek out knowledge and apply it to ourselves and our life choices. Though it is not always an easy choice, it is a great joy to live fully in each moment as we create ourselves anew.

Welcome to the journey of healing yourself.

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Heal Your Life Workbook

 Thank you for sending me a copy of your wonderful book
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